, a supplier and architect of digital semiconductor chips, has partnered with UBM Tech to launch the new digital magazine–Signum. The focus of Signum is to combine journalistic content with robust multimedia technology.

Signum, released quarterly, is available now in both Apple and Android platforms, and is optimized for the iPad. It has also been designed with smartphones in mind, so accessing the magazine is possible on several mobile devices.

While Signum should be attractive to software engineers and developers, the magazine has several interactive features that should appeal to tech-savvy consumers. Multimedia and social media interfaces have been built into the magazine format that taps into ARM’s technological design affordances.  Both content and advertisements will feature interactive functionalities like pop-up videos, podcasts, animations and deeper presentations, allowing readers to better understand of the content and engage directly with advertisers.

The first issue offers both consumer-friendly and trade-specific articles. For instance, “Under the Hood,” a deconstructed look at the guts of the Google Nexus 7, might fascinate consumers. Conversely, software engineers may benefit from “When Blobs Attack,” an expose on binary blobs and the obstacles they present to software innovators.

In a recent statement, UBM Tech’s CEO Kathy Astromoff expressed her excitement about the launch and the company’s partnership with ARM: “We have a strong relationship with ARM, and for the past three years we’ve produced the annual Arm TechCon event.” She added: “Signum establishes a new standard in digital publications offering a lever of interactivity and providing full immersion for the reader.”

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