As the app market evolves, a publisher’s success is measured less by the number of downloads and more by the engagement level and number of returning customers.

So says app analytics group Localytics, whose latest research finds that 31 percent of app customers used an app more than 10 times, up from 26 percent last year—an indication, claims the firm, of a maturing app market.

One-time app usage in the last year dropped from 26 to 22 percent.

Apple, not surprisingly, has fared better than Android, as 35 percent of Apple iOS users launched an app more than 10 times after download, compared to 23 percent on the Android system. One-time app usage for Android is at 24 percent, versus 21 percent for the iPhone and iPad.

Returning customers are harder to count, according to Localytics, as users who download or transfer an app between their iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S often still look “new” to the publisher. In order to accurately identify returning users across devices, the firm says, publishers need to record registration data as part of their app analytics.



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