Adobe‘s Creative Cloud has gotten a bit more equitable for smaller design shops and independent designers. Creative Cloud, a subscription service that launched in May and allows users to download Adobe products as well as store, share and collaborate through the cloud, now has DPS Single Edition added to the mix. Single Edition allows members to create one-off, iPad-only apps.

While not necessarily for high-frequency publishers, Singe Edition allows users to create single-issue content through Creative Cloud without having to pay the $395 standalone, per application cost as well as the additional $395 for updates.

Creative Cloud subscriptions run $29.99 per month for users of CS3 and above. "If I’m a designer and I have a customer that’s a restaurant and I need to change their menu, instead of having to pay $395 each time, if I’m current with my Creative Cloud membership, I can update it and anyone who has downloaded it will be notified in the app that there’s an update," says an Adobe spokesperson.

Marketing materials, brochures, portfolios, menus and so on can be designed and submitted directly to Apple’s App Store. Single Edition also allows users to preview and test apps directly on the iPad via a USB connection before creating the final file.

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