Adobe has released some insights gleaned from data it’s been collecting from many of the tablet publications that use its Digital Publishing Suite. The data, collected anonymously from 600 publishers and 1,500 tablet publications, reveals patterns in user behavior, pricing and purchasing preferences and advertising engagement.

According to Adobe, 16 million digital publications have been downloaded in the last 12 months, "with no sign of fatigue," adds Zeke Koch, senior director of product management, digital publishing, in a statement.

According to the data Adobe has been collecting, which tracks only those publications built with its Digital Publishing Suite, 68 percent of readers worldwide pay for digital magazines and newspapers. Within that 68 percent, 15 percent opt for single-copy purchases, 26 percent buy subscriptions and 27 percent go for print/digital bundles.

Interactive features, such as Web views, videos, slide shows, audio and so on, heavily influence engagement. Readers interact with 48 percent of all the interactive features in the apps. Web views and video are the two formats that captured the most interaction, says Adobe. And every fifth page view is an advertisement.

The richer content also drives up time spent numbers. According to Adobe’s data, 56 percent of readers spend between 25 minutes to 2.5 hours per month reading their tablet publications. Time spent has shot up 70 percent over the last six months.

An app gets opened up to five times per month, on average, and 9 percent of readers spend more than 5 hours per month reading their tablet editions.

Now that these tablet publications have been through several issue cycles, however, data needs to start showing same-customer activity across multiple issues of a title. Out of that 15 percent who buy single copies, for example, how many of them are repeat customers? What’s the churn rate among readers and what are the price points and bundle options that are working?

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