Since partnering with The Weather Channel in November 2011, Prevention editors have appeared on-air almost a dozen times with video extras and corresponding content appearing on and Since 2012 began, the editors and Prevention experts have appeared on television more than 50 times.

“These (television) opportunities give us the chance to assert our authoritative position on health, and serve as additional content touch-points for our brand, and bring our stories to life through sight, sound and motion,” says Lori Burgess, publisher of Prevention.

But preparing for this kind of appearance is important. Diane Salvatore, Prevention’s editor-in-chief, lays out the basics on prepping your staff for television appearances in order to make sure your brand translates well on the tube.

1) Practice Makes Perfect. “The only antidote to nervous is to know the material upside down and backwards, so that no matter what you’re asked, you won’t rattle. You want to know the material so well that you can have what feels like an actual conversation. If you feel you have it ‘memorized,’ you don’t know it well enough. Prevention editors have an extra advantage here, since we really do walk the walk when it comes to our health advice, so our content comes naturally to us.”

2) Sound It Out. “I read my talking points, but then I will also write on them and rewrite them, so they are in my words. And I will also say them aloud. That way, I am learning them orally and visually—and the more learning methods employed, the more the material gets cemented.”

3) Sleep On It. “I also always try to start looking closely at the material two days before the spot, when possible. That way, I am getting two nights of sleep before going live. And when we sleep, we learn and integrate the material more profoundly as well.”

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