1105 Media’s Enterprise Computing Group [ECG] launched Smart Markets, marking yet another publisher move into marketing services. The new division will provide content, strategy and design services to the IT sector ECG serves.

Henry Allain, president of 1105 ECG, says Smart Markets was born of client interest. He tells FOLIO:, “We have been doing more and more of this type of work and we felt the need to formalize a program so that not only can we react in a more efficient way to these requests, but to also get our clients thinking about the many other services we are able to provide.”

Smart Market offers website creation, lead-gen programs, advertising creative, brand building and product launch support, according to the company. A trio of executives spearhead the new division: Doug Barney will act as vice president, new content initiatives; Michele Imgrund is senior director of marketing and audience engagement; and Scott Shultz is tapped as creative director, media and events.

Current ECG staff from its marketing, design and content teams will also work with Smart Market clients on campaigns.

Allain says 1105’s main play in the growing marketing services sector is its IT expertise. “1105 ECG has the largest media footprint in the Microsoft developer, IT professional and channel partner community. We are also in the virtualization arena, which is one of the fastest growing segments in enterprise computing. We also have a deep dive emphasis in enterprise computing and developments such as the data center, cloud computing and Java development.”

Smart Markets will not limit number of client partnerships. “Our goal with Smart Markets is to help maximize the dollars advertisers and marketers are spending on campaigns, be it branding, demand generation, product launches, or lead generation,” says Allain. “We know the better a clients’ campaign performs, the more they will spend with us. Simple as that. We are in this to maximize the results of our clients spend and to make our customers successful.”

1105 joins publishers like Penton, Hanley Wood, UBM, Hearst, Northstar Travel Media, Summit Media Group and Meredith in the marketing services push. Largely depending on publisher wallet size and staff bandwidth, the industry’s content marketing sector is developing through both organic growth and acquisitions.

1105 ECG publishes Redmond, Visual Studio Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, MSDN Magazine and Virtualization Review.