Ozzie Winner: Best Redesign, Consumer

For 32 years, Working Mother has served as a guide for an audience walking the personal and professional line. In that time, it has seen its readership, and its business model, evolve.

Part of that includes serving print readers in a new way. “The idea behind this latest redesign is to offer the real-life solutions working moms need throughout the day, when they need it,” says editorial director Jennifer Owens.

Led by Working Mother Media president Carol Evans, the magazine’s editorial and art teams spent several months working with Bonnier design gurus Mario Garcia and John Miller. Creative director Ebelinda Antigua and senior designer Sabrina Hall gave the new concepts their style and structure, and continue to this day to fine-tune the redesign.

“Certainly the look of the magazine has changed; it is now more airy and modern than before,” says Owens. “It’s easier to read and the tips and strategies are highly accessible. But the biggest story is how we’ve reorganized the entire book. For years, Working Mother editorial centered on You, Work and Family. Our new architecture now takes a working mom through her day, with the sections Morning, Workday, Evening and Weekend.”

Each of these sections is home to a host of new columns and features designed to serve a working mom at that time of the day. “So for example, within Morning, not only do we offer up breakfast ideas, we also have an entire column of editor and reader tips called, appropriately enough, ‘Get Out the Door,’” says Owens.

Beyond the look itself, the redesign makes the magazine much easier to navigate and offers dozens of new ways for readers to connect with stories and share with one another, according to Owens.

“Honestly, we’re inspired by our redesign,” says Owens. “Our architecture drives home our mission to serve moms who are devoted to family and committed to their careers. Simply put, it allows us to do our jobs even better.”