Ozzie Winner: Best feature design, Under 100,000 Circulation, B-to-B

Wärtsilä, a Finnish company serving the energy and power industries, positions itself as a global leader in complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and other markets. The company contracted Otavamedia Ltd., a Finnish publisher, to produce a “stakeholder” magazine for its employees and customers.  Marit Holmlund-Sund, senior manager, marketing communications and Branding explains that, “We reach a global audience of customers, investors, press, suppliers and other stakeholders, with a circulation of 30,000.” The resulting magazine, Twentyfour7, has been published quarterly for five years, under the editorial leadership of Mikael Simelius, Wärtsilä vice president of Marketing.

Twentyfour7 is produced and printed in English, and the design is driven by bold full-page photography, with striking shots of power plants, large ships and construction projects juxtaposed with images of animals and natural landscapes. “Our target is to present topics in an interesting and appealing way using daily situations linking them to business life. We put a lot of emphasis on using interesting illustrations and angles,” explains Holmlund-Sund. “Most of the visual approach is determined by the art director and graphic designer. Designers, producers, photographers and writers sit down to have a meeting about the content, visual approach, narrative storytelling and photojournalism before they go out and make the story. In layout phase we also work closely with native English speakers and editors to design the best possible headlines and captions to fit the pictures. Obviously, headlines or a picture might change at this stage.”

“Under Construction,” the feature for which Twentyfour7 won its Ozzie, focuses on Dubai, and the amazing diversity of architecture found in the booming nation-state. While the editorial focuses on the demands of powering and air conditioning a newly-constructed desert city, the design follows Twentyfour7’s standards, and pits images of sand dunes and camels against sharply contrasting pictures of ultra-modern housing, office buildings and power plants.

The magazine recently launched an iPad version. The electronic version will feature additional photos, illustrations and Web links.