As senior audience marketing manager at Bobit Business Media, Tony Napoleone has all the responsibilities of a traditional circulation manager, while also heading up SEO, Web analytics and social media. The six-person department he leads is tasked with marketing 20 trade magazines and related Web sites, e-newsletters and events.

His efforts are paying off. “We’ve seen a net increase of over 25 percent in unique e-mail addresses from year-end 2010 to now,” says Napoleone. “We’ve dedicated more time and energy towards e-mail acquisition ranging from e-mail appending services to e-mail site audits to a streamlined process for making sure new e-mails get on the file as soon as possible to fight attrition and preserve open/click rates.”

On another front, Napoleone relates how the move to social media has been an ongoing process at Bobit. “When I started here, none of our brands had a social media presence. We did a lot of the basic set up, and then taught editorial and sales best practices for usage,” he explains. “We handed off control to the editors, but we’re still in the background.”

Napoleone has also helped Bobit Media get up to speed on search engine optimization. “We don’t have a dedicated SEO staff, it’s our responsibility to turn SEO into easily actionable items for our sales and editorial staff,” he explains. “Instead of bombarding them, we can tell them five things they need to do for every article, as regards SEO. You can suggest to editors that they approach SEO and social media in a certain way, but you cannot tell them how to write their articles.”

Bobit Media is building an integrated database, in conjunction with their fulfillment company, and Napoleone is leading that effort. “Basically, we’re compiling all the data we’ve gathered at every reader touchpoint, and we’re trying to be smarter when we market our events. For example, we don’t need a social media component for an event if the magazine involved has a good Facebook or Twitter following. But the biggest benefit will be in knowing immediately who is qualified and who would be interested enough to attend a particular event, or purchase a particular product.”