Publishing technology is a major part of ever issue of FOLIO: but for July we’re giving special emphasis to the role technology is playing in the transformation of publishers into…something else.

From our Top Tech roundup [Top Tech] in which executives from a wide range of different publishers share the technologies having the biggest influence on their businesses to a breakdown of emerging social media tools boosting brands and audience [How to Chose and Apply Social Media Tools], to back-end sales management systems [The Back-End Tools Sales Teams Use To Manage, Monitor and Close the Integrated Sale] to the latest advances in editorial workflow and good old magazine manufacturing and production [New Devices Shake Up Manufacturing and Production], we run the gamut.

Our cover story [Publishers and E-Commerce: Perfect Together] looks at how publishers are using technology to develop new revenue streams, specifically e-commerce. Just as with apps and tablets, the e-commerce opportunity may not apply to everyone, but those who can take advantage of it could be sitting on a goldmine.