In May, FOLIO: will release its 2011 B-to-B CEO Survey conducted by Readex Research, tracking everything from revenue performance to profit trends to technology investments and CEO salaries.

In advance of the report, FOLIO: is offering a preview of some of the findings specific to b-to-b publishers in 2010 and 2011. Revenue ratios remain fairly steady, with print continuing to sink as a percent of overall revenue while e-media and events increase (however, publishers tend to overestimate e-media and underestimate print as a part of overall revenue. Last year, publishers said they expected print to account for less than 50 percent of overall revenue in 2010).

                      Revenue Ratio 2010            Revenue Ratio 2011

Print:              53.8%                                      51.3%

E-media:         15.5%                                      17.7%

Events:            8.5%                                       10.6%

Custom:           7.0%                                        7.3%

Paid subs:         6.6%                                       7.1%

Data sales:       2.9%                                        2.5%

Other:              5.6%                                         5%

Not surprisingly, online/e-media is overwhelmingly the fastest-growing part of the business for b-to-b publishers, as it has been for the last six years. Publishers also say events are back and will be the second fastest growing revenue stream in 2011 after a rough go in 2009 and 2010 when many flagship events were either canceled or scaled back dramatically.

Fastest Growing Parts of the Business in 2010

Online/e-media: 59%
Events: 24%
Print advertising: 18%
Custom: 17%
Paid subs: 7%
Data sales: 6%
Other: 5%

Still, print advertising holds it own as a source of increased revenue, with 61 percent of publishers saying they expect to see more revenue from new advertisers (however, just 50 percent say existing print advertisers will be spending more). Thirty-one percent say they’ll see increased revenue from custom publishing/marketing services (the media darling of 2011), while 22 percent say they’ll see more revenue from paid content, including subscriptions and gated material (respondents could choose multiple options in this category).

Anticipated Sources of Increased Revenue in 2011

Online media: 74%
New print advertisers: 61%
Existing print advertisers: 50%
Events: 40%
Custom publishing: 31%
Paid content: 22%
Data sales: 18%
Other: 4 %

The full 2011 FOLIO: B-to-B CEO Survey will be released with the May issue of FOLIO: Magazine.