A recent MPA panel debated who should be in control of social media at magazine publishers-edit, sales, marketing or even IT, which may ultimately bear the costs of social media. It’s a similar dispute to the way various magazine departments squabbled over prime Web site territory 10 years ago when they realized that yes, this Internet thing does have legs on the business side.

I pulled some of the Facebook responses to FOLIO:’s article about who ultimately should be the gatekeeper of social media, and listed them below. Considering the audience, it’s not surprising that most seem to feel edit should be in charge. However, several people noted that social media can’t belong to just one group, and should be divvied up across the organization (often out of necessity, given the resources in the current publishing climate).

Social media is integral for most publishers and everybody needs to be onboard (as one MPA panelist said, "Nobody goes around bragging that they don’t know Microsoft World"). So what do you think? Does edit rule? Should sales and marketing get their say? Or does social media require its own dedicated crop of specialists?

Facebook Responses:

"To maintain a publication’s integrity, I think editorial should take the lead with input from sales + marketing. As a small biz owner + independent publisher, most all departments must have input + play multiple roles for mere survival. But regardless, all need to educate themselves in this area. ‘It’s not my job’ no longer cuts the mustard."

"Edit should manage, with input/collaboration with marketing."

"Mktg function for sure."


"Edit and design, with input from sales and marketing."

"I think Editorial should play a significant role – if not the lead role – because it’s nice when the posts sound professional and include correct spelling and grammar. Of course, this is coming from an editor! Of course everyone plays a vital role, depending on your message. If you’re incorporating a graphic, for instance, it starts with your designers."

"Web editors with help from marketing…communication is key!"

"You mean those are different departments?"

"Content marketers. Your silo choices are brick and mortar."

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