With all the hubbub about the “Royal Wedding” that took place on April 29th between Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton (the dresses, the guest list, the disappearing hairlines), some of the most astounding news was the numbers media sites covering the wedding saw on the big day.

PEOPLE.com reports 162 million page views on Friday the 29th, doubling its previous record of 76 million page views in one day.

PEOPLE followed the success of the wedding day with a Royal Wedding special collector’s issue that went on sale May 2.

The issue contains 105 ad pages out of the book’s total 220 pages, which marks the largest number of ad pages for a single issue of PEOPLE since 2007.

To display this issue, an estimated 15,000 Royal Wedding display bins were sent to PEOPLE retail and wholesale partners across the nation.

According to the Web site, CNN.com experienced 45 million page views by 3 p.m. EST (that’s 8 p.m. London time, where the wedding took place). This is up 45 percent from “prior four-Friday average through the same hour”.

Video usage on CNN.com was up 318 percent over the prior-four day average, with 7.7 million video starts occurring before 3 p.m. EST on April 29th.

Since the engagement announcement on November 16 2010, media attention to the royal nuptials had built at a frantic pace. After a highly publicized relationship (the British press nicknamed Middleton “Waity Katie” in reference to her and the prince’s nine year courtship), retailers are also getting in the Royal Wedding game, slinging Middleton dolls, collectible china, shot glasses and cardboard cut-outs features likenesses of the royal pair.

According to FOLIO:’s sister site, minOnline, USMagazine.com racked up three million pages views between April 29 and April 30. A reported half of this traffic was made up of visitors new to the site.

The week before the royal nuptials, USMagazine.com experienced the most traffic ever in site history.

TIME magazine also capitalized on the British wedding madness, releasing a special Royal Wedding issue on May 2. TIME’s regular issue was on newsstands April 29, and a third special issue on 9/11 terrorist Osama bin Laden’s death (with the fourth red “X” over a cover subject’s face in the magazine’s history) will be released on May 5.

This marks the first time in TIME’s run that three issues will be released within a one-week span.

Steering away from the more popular Middleton scrutiny, “the collection”, an international iPad-only magazine, released an issue themed, “Prince William: The British Monarchy’s Great Hope” last week.

Set to possibly release download numbers on May 6th, “the collection” offered free access to the “appazine” issue on the Royal Wedding day and the following Saturday. The issue is typically sold for $4.99 stateside.

Now that Kate and William are married (and bin Laden is buried at sea), what will the media fixate on next?