Apple’s attempts at limiting publisher requests for consumer data and the conversion of first-time downloads into regular users have been two of the larger stumbling blocks for magazine publishers building a business around apps. A new report from digital publishing vendor Yudu Media suggests improvement in both areas.

According to the report–which is based on reader usage of 80 branded apps that Yudu developed for customers including Reader’s Digest UK, NewsMax, US Tech and Runway Magazine–40 percent of people who download the reader app also opt-in to share their contact information with publishers, while 64 percent of the readers return to the app after their initial visit. The Yudu report claims that on average, readers returned to magazine apps 3.7 times.

Meanwhile, Yudu says that 33.7 percent of overall reader app downloads are actually software upgrades rather than downloads of new apps.

"Our findings suggest that branded reader apps are achieving impressive levels of interaction with users across a number of criteria," said Yudu CEO Richard Stephenson in a statement. "The proportion of users supplying opt-in data, the number of return views, and the average number of edition returns all indicate a healthy level of interaction from users."

A copy of the full Yudu report is available here