Ogden Publications will be combining their in-house fulfillment database with their e-mail service provider to better market content and consumer products to readers.

The blending of Advantage Computing Systems’ fulfillment platform with the iPost iMM digital e-mail marketing technology is expected to have beneficial results.

“Within iPost, the only way we can get the data into our e-mail service provider database is to export it from Advantage and upload it into iPost and we do that periodically,” said Cherilyn Olmsted, circulation and marketing director for Ogden Publications. “It’s a very manual process so we wanted to get the integration in place so that it was a regular process that automatically happened.”

If someone purchases a book on organic gardening and Ogden wants to offer another, similar product, the new system will automatically generate the e-mail suggestion.

“If we know that we can have something that is automatically triggered as a result of something they’ve already purchased, that the campaign has already designed, it’s more targeted to that particular customer and we can still personalize it. It just makes us able to connect with more relevant offers and more timely as well,” Olmsted said.

This will allow Ogden to update customer information daily instead of monthly from their fulfillment platform.

“I think it will be advantageous not only for us but for relating to our customers as well,” Olmsted said.

The purchasing information will still be maintained in the Advantage system but the customer data will be pulled into iPost nightly, which will then send customers relevant information on other products based on their recent prior purchases.

This partnership will be cemented in the next three to six months, Olmsted said.

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