Book retailer and magazine newsstand provider Barnes and Noble is now enabling access to 175 magazines and newspapers through its updated NOOK e-reader app, but has opted to direct customers to its Web-based newsstand to make purchases rather than through the the iTunes store.

Previously, NOOK users could access and purchase content while logged into the NOOK app. Recently, however, the bookseller took away the capability when Apple began executing rules for in-app purchase restrictions for e-reading apps, which require external links for purchase to be removed and be sold directly through the iTunes store—a move that enables Apple to take advantage of the 30/70 revenue division. Amazon’s Kindle and the Kobo reader apps are pursuing similar strategies.

Readers, Barnes and Noble announced Monday, will now have to use a Web browser to purchase single copies of their favorite titles, subscriptions, or access to a free 14-day trial by going to and then syncing the content to a newly updated free iPad NOOK reading app.

The company announced to NOOK users that more than 175 full-color interactive magazines and newspapers have been included in the available content portfolio at the website. All NOOK iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users will be able to access the Barnes and Noble digital libraries through a free reading app, but in order to purchase something new, users will have to use a browser.

“Millions of iOS device owners have downloaded our free NOOK apps, and with our upcoming NOOK for iPad update our customers will have access to one of the largest digital collections of interactive magazines and top newspapers through a highly advanced, seamless reading experience,” says Jamie Iannone, president of Digital Products for Barnes and Noble, according to a news release.

In May, AD initially reported that Barnes and Noble tried to expand its stance by reaching users with Android powered devices and, at an earlier point in 2011, the book retailer reported that single copy sales and subscription orders were teetering past 650,000—those sales were up to 1 million this past May.

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