New York Media hopped on the content network train (and all its monetizing possibilities) with the launch of the Vulture Network.

The Vulture Network is a vertical content network that is anchored with, a site (which began as’s culture blog) dedicated to the latest in celebrity and cultural news. New York Media is expanding this network to include other related, editorially-curated sites such as Seat 42F, Art Critical, Brokelyn, MRQE and Futon Critic. already attracts close to 3 million uniques, and as of January 2011, had 18 million page views. With the creation of the Vulture Network and the inclusion of more sites comes an additional 2.5 million users.

The addition of these sites to the New York Media-powered venture will allow advertisers to reach “a larger number of industry insiders and entertainment enthusiasts” through the Vulture Network. A number of advertisers have already decided to take advantage of the new offering; including Target, AMC’s The Killing, HBO’s PeeWee Herman, The Lion King and Samuel Goldwyn’s Electra Luxx.

Advertisers are able to expand the way they currently reach consumers through to across the Vulture Network – geographically, by date for “key tune-in responses,” as well as behaviorally.

Complex Media expanded its network last week, adding 8 new sites and an additional 3.5 million unique visitors to its websites. In addition to the slew of sites added last week, Complex Media has incorporated 28 other sites into their network over the last six months. Once on the network, the site has a two-year contract with Complex Media, and can only be represented exclusively by Complex.

Forbes also launched its own ad platform with the Forbes Media Network in late February of this year. Forbes Media Extension (or FMX) includes the entire Forbes portfolio of branded and non-branded sites such as,, as well as Forbes’ finance and business blogs.

FOLIO: previously reported, “Anchoring the [Forbes] program is a segmentation project called FAST, which marries Forbes audience data with third party information to create customer categories for advertisers to target…create a branded audience data set that can be packaged and sold into matching content verticals.”

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