Facebook is reportedly planning to launch its “subscribe” feature as a plugin for publishers to add as a button to their websites. This option joins a number of social plugins currently available, including the “like,” “send” and “recommendation” features.

The announcement was made briefly today by Joanna Shields, VP and managing director for Facebook Europe, Middle East and Africa, at the LeWeb conference held in Paris.

Facebook initially launched the subscribe feature in September, as part of a number of new features announced at its F8 conference.

So far, publishers appear to have mixed feelings about the new features—particularly the Ticker feed, which enables users to read full articles without ever leaving Facebook. “It will be interesting to see how much content they encourage to be consumed within their walls,” Scott Cherkin, executive vice president of product and business development for Complex Media Network, told FOLIO: in September. “We think publishers ought to be cautious in how much goes within the [Facebook] walls versus what they keep on their own sites.”

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