Earlier this week, FOLIO: reported that although the regional sector had one of the highest launch numbers through third quarter 2011 (with 18 new titles), it also lost 18 titles, per Mediafinder.com. Baton Rouge, LA-based 10/12 magazine will soon be included in the latter group, printing its last quarterly issue with its November edition.

Held by Louisiana Business Inc. {LBI}, 10/12 will continue to publish its website and weekly e-newsletter through the end of 2011. The regional business pub debuted four years ago.

JR Ball, the executive vice president of LBI and associate publisher of 10/12, details the beginnings of the publication, "It was born out the economic devastation of post-Katrina New Orleans; there was a lot of concern about how long before New Orleans would get on its feet. A tremendous amount of population is located along the interstate 10 and interstate 12 corridors. We thought we’d try to treat is as one giant region."

However, this logic failed as Lousiana recovered from the natural disaster. Ball says, "Quite frankly, the corridor died years ago. One of the main reasons to shutter is that the strength of our media company is the very deep relationships with our markets and hyper local news. This strained resources, [covering] such a large geographic area."

Ball says LBI resources will be relocated to the digital effort, as the company decides which tablet strategy (be it web or native app) will best fit their reader demographic for the rest of its magazine portfolio. 

At the time of its closure, 10/12 had a 27,000 print circ and 45,000 certified readership. LBI also publishes the 30-year-old Business Report, along with 225 magazine and inRegister. The company includes a corporate and custom publishing sector, which produces about 20 titles yearly, with titles such as Next and Welcome magazines.

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