TIME is ranked number one in the latest Digital IQ Index from "digital innovation think tank" L2 that measures the digital aptitude and ad revenue-per-page of 87 magazine brands.The rankings were developed by NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway.

Brands are assessed on four dimensions: site, digital marketing, social media and mobile, and each brand receives a Digital IQ and a classification as Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged or Feeble. While 37 percent of the magazine brands tracked were classified as "Gifted," TIME was also the only magazine to receive a rank of "Genius" (TIME also claims it’s now the largest magazine brand on Twitter with 2.7 million followers).

"TIME scored #1 in the Index with strong presence across multiple platforms in the social media and mobile space," says L2 researcher Colin Gilbert. "Many brands have pet projects on one social media outlet or mobile device – in stark contrast, TIME manages a consistent, robust presence across multiple touchpoints."

The top 10 magazine brands according to L2 are:

2. People
3. Self
4. Men’s Health and Sports Illustrated (tied)
6. New York
7. GQ
8. Glamour
9. Entertainment Weekly
10. Cosmopolitan

The L2 Digital IQ Index says that publications belonging to larger portfolios score better in aggregate, suggesting economies of scale work in the digital space; brands with the highest print circulations do not consistently produce large online communities (magazine brands have struggled for years with having different print and digital readers); and that when it comes to mobile strategies, most magazine brands are focused on iPad/iPhone, with just 13 percent of the brands in the Index putting resources toward a range of platforms including mobile-optimized site; iOS device; tablet edition, Android device and e-Readers.

Complete rankings of the Digital IQ Index are available here.