Before coming to Atlantic Media Group, Krystle Kopacz worked in lead generation for a consumer healthcare startup. “Getting people to register and give their health information is extremely difficult,” says Kopacz. “So I was fully aware of how hard it is to get people to complete lead gen. When I got to Atlantic Media Group, I applied some of the methods I had learned to our audience at Government Executive Media.”

Those methods are working, as the publication has quadrupled typical delivery for lead gen programs under Kopacz’s leadership. She explains: “My mantra is that lead gen is transactional. Whatever the advertiser is offering needs to be helpful enough to the user that they’re willing to give their information in that transaction.”

In her efforts to make lead gen a more appealing transaction, Kopacz points to two main areas of improvement.  “What we’ve done is become more of a media creation shop, developing assets that are helpful to government managers overall, and specifically to the decisions that they make every day. For example, one of the products we launched was a Top Ten list, focusing on topics such as ‘Top Ten Mobile Apps That Are Changing The Way That Government Managers Do Business.’”

Kopacz has also helped to maximize audience engagement through the introduction of news alerts and a revised user experience. In the first half of 2011, traffic at grew 50 percent and registered users grew 30 percent over 2010. “We drove traffic through a combination of SEO, news alerts and extending our newsletter reach,” she says. “The newsletters are huge, because that’s an audience that comes back almost every day. While many publishers have cut editorial staff, Atlantic Media Group has invested in editorial and I really think it shows.”

It also shows on the bottom line, as Government Executive Media expects lead gen to be a significant growth area and predicts that by year-end 2011, digital revenue will be the group’s largest revenue stream. Kopacz is currently helping to redesign for a January 2012 re-launch, with an eye towards prioritizing content and design in a way that best serves the needs of the audience.