Nearly half of the employees at enthusiast publisher Interweave are now certified in online marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, having passed Mequoda Pro’s Content Marketing Certification Program.

Eighty-five Interweave employees from a variety of publishing disciplines received access to Mequoda Group’s archive of 32 Webinars and 45+ hours of training library whitepapers and attended seminars and received one-on-one coaching.

“This is something that probably no other content company in the world can say,” says Interweave CEO Clay Hall. “Interweave is committed to building and deepening our expertise in search-engine optimization, blogging, e-mail newsletter and Web site strategies, and social media marketing in this new media environment.”

Digital training has been relatively informal throughout the publishing industry, with most employees taking it on themselves to develop the necessary skills, particularly at smaller publishers.

Interweave has aggressively pursued a digital approach for the crafts/hobby markets it serves (and even recruited bloggers to serve as editors of its print magazines in the past). The publisher has launched four “eMags”—SpinKnit, Handcrafted Jewelry Studio, Sockupied, Quilting Arts in Stitches—which can be downloaded from the Interweave store to MAC or PC, and plans to launch 18 more this year.

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