IDG Enterprise and IDG Marketing Services have introduced a new social media marketing program called CommunityWorks.

According to Charles Lee, senior vice president of strategic programs & custom solutions, the program offers two primary deliverables: Community and Content Platform & Management and Social Web Integration services.

Community and Content Platform Management includes development of an online community with a full-time community manager/community curator, according to Lee. "This individual works with the client and an assigned IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group editor to craft the overall content mission and plans for both fluid community and structured content development," he adds.

Social Web Integration is about "social Web activation" or "community evangelism," according to Lee. The four key components of Social Web Integration include:

1. Community Threading: Identifying the most active and relevant online communities for the community manager and bloggers to "thread" content and dialogue from the client’s program into relevant threads.

2. Influential Blogger Outreach: IDG will leverage its bench of subject matter expert bloggers to extend the client’s program content and dialogue through their own social networks (their own site, Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts, etc.).

3. Social Presence Services: Setting up "satellite" versions of the client’s community on primary social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). "We actively manage these social presence sites for daily posting/tweeting new content and discussions via micro-programming," says Lee.

4. Amplify: Tying back to IDG properties. "Our social media online advertising campaign services focus on driving social web awareness and engagement hooks via targeted distribution on our established editorial websites," says Lee.

IDG Enterprise offers content, editorial and platform services from its Custom Solutions and Online Groups, while IDG SMS supplies social web integration, audience activation, program optimization, analytics and reporting.

A similar existing program is the Enterprise CIO forum developed for the HP Global Enterprise Business group. "We are in the process of launching another similar program for another top 3 customer in the next 45-60 days," says Lee.

While he wouldn’t reveal specifics, Lee says programs are billed quarterly and require a six-month investment. "The program can be scaled based on the goals of the client, which make the program investment vary," he adds.