In the wake of Time Inc.’s announcement of the agreement with Apple that allows print subscribers to access iPad editions of magazines, Hearst has struck a deal with Apple to sell subscriptions through the iTunes store.

Esquire, Popular Mechanics and O, The Oprah Magazine are the first Hearst magazines to be available through the Apple subscription model on the iPad, according to The Wall Street Journal. Hearst will also begin selling newspaper subscriptions later this year.

Subscriptions are priced at $19.99 a year, or $1.99 per single issue download. Since this model launched in January, Apple’s terms have included a 30 percent cut of each sub sold and the rights to customer data. A later amendment to this gave buyers an option to elect to supply publishers with the data already collected by Apple.

However, according to, a Hearst spokeswoman says, “I can’t discuss the terms, obviously. But it’s not their standard deal. It’s fundamentally different than any other deal they’ve offered or struck. We came to an equitable and fair agreement to owning customers together.”

Time Inc. announced on Tuesday that Sports Illustrated, TIME and Fortune digital magazine issues will be available free of charge for print subscribers. People already had a similar deal in place with Apple.

Bonnier was one of the first publishers to agree with Apple’s subscription terms, announcing their partnership with Apple for the publication of Popular Science on February 16 when Apple initially introduced this model. Bonnier added Popular Photography to its Apple sub offering on April 14.