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Google Releases Think Quarterly

Digital mag is aimed at Google’s UK partners and advertisers.

Stefanie Botelho By Stefanie Botelho

Google has released a magazine called Think Quarterly, a companion publication to a short book of data Google has provided to a select group of their UK associates.

The digital magazine has 63 pages featuring with an assortment of articles, including “The Mobile Movement” and an interview with Peter Kruse, founder and CEO of nextpractice, based in Berlin, Germany.

The first issue focuses on data, and tips its hat to “speed” in the introductory paragraphs – an often easier-said-than-done approach in business success. Matt Britin’s editor note says, “We know that the faster we deliver results, the more useful people find our service.” He then invites the reader to use Think Quarterly as a time to reflect, seemingly indulging the business audience Google is aiming at with a reprieve from the grind that binds together audience and reader.

Before the reader enters the digital pub, Google supplies the following, “We’re flattered by the positive reaction but have no plans to start selling copies! Although Think Quarterly remains firmly aimed at Google’s partners and advertisers, if you’re interested in the subject of data then please feel free to read on…”

In 2007, Google was granted a patent that would allow users to look for content on the Web and create a custom magazine that would also feature custom advertising content. Although nothing has come of this patent yet, bloggers speculated that it might take years for the product to come to fruition.

Stefanie Botelho By Stefanie Botelho

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