Felix Dennis, best-selling British poet and entrepreneur, has bought Mental Floss magazine.

Dennis, founder of Maxim and owner and operator of The Week, is the chairman of Dennis Publishing. Mental Floss is a bimonthly trivia-based magazine founded by Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudurin, former students of Duke University, in 2000.

Mental Floss expands beyond the magazine, as the brand includes books like Condensed Knowledge, board games and tee-shirts. According to wsj.com, Mental Floss reaches 100,000 readers.

An exact number was not disclosed, but it’s reported that Mental Floss was purchased for a sum in the mid-seven figure ballpark.

Steven Kotok, The Week’s president said, “Like everything else [Mr. Dennis] does, which seems weird at first, this is starting to make sense to us, too.”

Mental Floss made Inc.’s 5000 fastest-growing private company list in 2009. The publication went public in 2001 and turned its first profit in 2003.

Felix Dennis founded Dennis Publishing Ltd. in 1974. Other Dennis publications also include digital ad-supported mag Monkey and Men’s Fitness. Former Dennis magazines include Stuff and Blender, which folded in 2009.