It’s been a busy couple of days for the tablet market.

Dell announced yesterday its plan to release its rendition of the tablet. Marked to hit stores later this year, the ten-inch device is part of a medley of “24 new business computing solutions and form factors, including laptops, tablets, desktops and workstation computers,” according to a Dell press release. The Windows 7 tablet remains unnamed, says ZDNet UK. 

Hewlett-Packard is also poised to enter the tablet race using recently acquired Palm technology, according to Reuters; Motorola’s Xoom is set to launch in late February. Blackberry is also in on the game, offering the Playbook, a tablet aimed at the professional set.

After the buzz over Dell’s announcement, Apple added to the noise. Details of Apple’s second version of the iPad broke today.  

The Wall Street Journal confirms the production of a new version of the iPad tablet, which includes a built-in camera and a quicker processor. The anonymous sources WSJ tapped for this information also claim, “The new iPad will be thinner and lighter than the first model.” The camera will enable videoconferencing, while the dubbed “iPad 2” will contain more memory ability and an improved graphics processor. According to the L.A. Times blog, it “…will not, however, feature a very high-resolution jump.”

With so many tablet options soon to be available for consumption, it seems as if the app question will be the deciding factor in which brand reigns supreme. Apple has already drawn the lines for in-app sales, booting Sony’s reader app for directing buyers to an outside website to purchase. The iPad manufacturers now require all app users to buy “in-app” –and observers expect Apple to start strictly enforcing its 30 percent commission.

Companies like Time Warner’s publishing sector,Time Inc., have made public their choice to go with a tablet beside the iPad. All Things Digital reports, “Time Inc., which has been unable to come to terms with Apple over subscriptions for digitized magazines, has found a company it can work with: Hewlett-Packard.” Time Inc. will sell four of their major players on the HP tablet, including Sports Illustrated, Time, Fortune and People.