In the first half of 2011, the magazine industry was abuzz with news of the latest digital editions, Apple’s subscription mandates for publishers selling their wares through the App Store and those stepping away from Apple’s model to go the HTML route for app offerings. But, despite the glitz of the growing industry, digital advertising has not yet matched its print counterpart in relation to revenue gain.

According to the Publisher’s Information Bureau, total magazine advertising pages for the first six months of 2011 are at 79,426.11 pages, up one percent from the same period last year.

Per PIB, leading the print game in terms of ad page growth from the first half of 2010 to first half 2011 is Bonnier’s Motorboating. Increasing 70.2 percent, first half 2010 had 171.17 ad pages; for first half 2011, Motorboating included 291.39 pages. American Express’s DEPARTURES ad page numbers grew 63 percent, from 181.25 ad pages in first half 2010 to 295.51 ad pages in first half 2011.

Media Industry News (min) reports that Competitor Group’s Competitor magazine’s ad pages grew 49.06 percent, with first half 2010’s 179.92 ad pages leaping to 268.18 pages in first half 2011. Trailing behind Competitor is Time Inc.’s People En Espanol, as ad pages jumped 46.35 percent. In the first half of 2010, the magazine’s ad pages were at 273.76; the first half of 2011 included 400.65 pages.

Another Time Inc. publication, People StyleWatch, rounds out the top five gainers with a sizable jump of 43.54 percent, up from 398.27 ad pages in first half 2010 to 571.69 pages in first half 2011.

On the flip side, the first half of 2011 also saw drastic drops in ad pages for some publications. According to PIB, the most dramatic fall was for U.S. Airway Magazine, down 32.5 percent from first half 2010’s 367.91 ad pages to first half 2011’s 248.36 pages. Renovation Style is down 28.8 percent, with 64.91 ad pages in first half 2010 and 46.23 ad pages in first half 2011.

Newsweek, now under editor-in-chief Tina Brown’s tutelage, experienced a loss of 27.4 percent. Ad pages in first half 2010 were at 440.77, and first half 2011 numbers show 319.79 pages. Celebrated Living experienced a 26.8 percent decrease, from 80 ad pages in first half 2010 to 58.55 ad pages in first half 2011.

Min stats show Meredith Corp.’s Traditional Home down 23.3 percent with 239.41 ad pages in the first half 2011. The first half of 2010 saw 312.12 ad pages for the magazine.

Overall, both PIB and min report that ad page numbers have remained flat, with both reports totaling a percentage increase a bit of one percent.

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