A new database known as comScore-MRI Fusion will now measure online media habits, print readership and other media consumption behavior data like product brand usage in a single unified system.

“With media content proliferating across channels at an increasing rate, it is essential for media planners and publishers to understand how consumers engage with content across touch points in order to optimize their marketing mix,” Steve Dennen, vice president of comScore business development, says in a news release. This system, “bridges the gap between online and offline media consumption and helps provide a more holistic view of how audiences are reached in a multimedia environment.”

The comScore-MRI Fusion is a partnership with German based company GfK MRI, which provides magazine audience ratings, multimedia research and consumer behavior and motivation insight. The European company conducts the national Survey of the American Consumer, where GfK MRI interviews about 26,000 U.S. adults in their homes each year, asking about their use of media and their consumption of more than 6,000 products in 550 categories.

The combining of these two services is expected to provide marketing insight and cross-media audience reach that is will go unduplicated. Attitudinal and demographic audience profiles and product usage information will also be available in the new database.

“Understanding the media consumption habits of our readers across touch points is critical to so many aspects of the experience we deliver them,” senior vice president of research and insights for Conde Nast, Scott McDonald, says in a news release. “The comScore-MRI Fusion product offers a promising new way of gaining intelligence into the demographic and behavioral attributes of our readers so that we can ensure we continue to provide the most relevant and engaging content experience.”

The database will combine U.S. site visitation data from comScore Media Metric with GfK MRI’s traditional media consumption and product usage surveys.