Barnes & Noble is giving publishers another option to distribute digital periodicals, announcing Friday that its 140 newsstand brands will be available to Android-powered tablet devices.

The NOOK newsstand will now be available to customers using the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola XOOM, the LG G-Slate and ARCHOS Internet tablets, among others.

NOOK for Android is now available on 7-inch and larger tablets using Android OS 2.1 and higher tablets with 160 DPI or less and those that have a resolution of 800 by 480.

"We took the NOOK experience and said ‘Hey, this would be a great experience to extend for the NOOK for Android apps for tablets,’" says Jonathan Shar, vice president and general manager of Barnes & Noble’s digital newsstand.

Shar says the decision to extend the newsstand service to Android powered tablets was "just based on the feedback we’ve received. So that’s exactly what we did, we said ‘Here’s what we have and it’s a great experience, let’s extend this beyond [what we have] and really drive and enhance the NOOK for Android tablet apps.’"

The announcement marks the largest digital newsstand offering for Android tablet customers to date. Android smartphone and tablet customers can download the free NOOK for Android app. The expanded availability for the free app will include the Android Market, V CAST Apps from Verizon Wireless, Samsung Apps, GetJar and AppsLib, with more to come.

"With our free, updated NOOK for Android application, we’re delivering customers with Android tablets a great optimized reading experience and access to the largest ever collection of interactive magazines, as well as top newspapers, all optimized for high-resolution displays," says Jamie Iannone, president of digital products at Barnes & Noble, in a news release. "Using their Android tablets, customers can enjoy our collection of more than two million digital books, as well as their morning paper and latest magazines, delivered right to their device through their NOOK for Android app, for an amazing periodical experience which includes our innovative ArticleView feature."

Some titles now available include ESPN The Magazine, The Economist, Popular Science, Maxim, Rolling Stone, Food & Wine and US Weekly.

All of the 140 titles can be sampled with a 14-day free trial, via subscription or purchased in single -issue form, according to the news release.

Shar said the company cannot comment on the revenue split between publishers and Barnes & Noble or the data publishers can access from having their products on the NOOK.

In late January Barnes & Noble announced that the number of subscription orders plus single copy sales from the newsstand was at 650,000, about three months after the November launch. The group has now passed the 1 million mark.