The Atlantic announces its expanded digital presence with, headed by newly appointed senior editor Richard Florida, to be launched in September.

As an economist, professor and senior editor, Florida will establish, covering various cities and the role they play in areas including economic growth, prosperity and personal happiness.

“Cities are the key driver to economic recovery, growth and prosperity,” says Florida, a seasoned contributor on the issues of cities around the world.

Editorial director of Atlantic Digital Bob Cohn says the new sites will highlight how cities and neighborhoods change the way people live. will cover job listings, the economy, culture, design, arts, architecture, as well as topics related to sustainability and urban issues. With the tagline “Place Matters,” the site will feature leading voices from the urban planning and community realm as guest columnists in addition to its regular columns on city and state rankings.

In 2010, The Atlantic says digital revenue grew 70 percent, helping to contribute to the brand’s first profit in years.