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Acquia and Engine Yard Partner to Offer Cloud Solution for Drupal and Ruby on Rails

Cloud PaaS partnership gives publishers a one-stop hosting solution.

Stefanie Botelho By Stefanie Botelho

, a commercial open source “social publishing” solution for corporations using Drupal, has partnered with Engine Yard, a provider of Ruby on Rails web development framework.

With this partnership, both companies (each which is considered a PaaS, or platform-as-a-service) will be able to offer publishers who use Drupal and Ruby on Rails a one-call solution at the “database level, operating system level, web server level and the application level,” says Bryan House, the VP of marketing with Acquia.

Both systems have similar components, as Drupal is built on PHP technology, and PHP and Ruby on Rails have like frameworks.

Acquia, co-founded by Drupal creator Dries Buytaert in 2007, currently serves 175 large customers in its hosting environment. According to House, this translates to three billion HTP requests a month. Acquia offers the businesses they work with (such as Al Jazeera and Mother Jones) enterprise support, similar to what “they would expect from Microsoft or another-enterprise class application,” House says.

Popular deal website Groupon is built with Ruby on Rails technology.

Both Acquia and Engine Yard noticed an emerging market trend of businesses utilizing both Drupal and Ruby on Rails components in their websites, and felt there was enough market demand to investigate a partnership.

After about four months of proposals, Acquia and Engine Yard made the partnership official.

With this alliance, House says companies will be able to bypass general web hosts like Rackspace. “With one support system to call, and with a seamless relationship, we can triage it to the appropriate technical team. It simplifies the procurement process,” says House.

Stefanie Botelho By Stefanie Botelho

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