While it’s natural to worry about how the publishing industry is going to attract the next generation of leaders, the fact is the industry is already seeing a demographic shift, with younger people taking on more leadership roles.

FOLIO:’s 13 Under 30 looks at just a few of the emerging leaders in our industry. Some are helping redefine the companies they work for; others are striking out on their own and launching their own startups. We’re impressed and we think you will be, too.


Tammy Tibbetts | Social Media Editor, Seventeen.com

Lance Brown | Community Manager, WTWH Media LLC

Alison Shipley | Editor, First Chair, Executive Editor, Social Media & Video

Chip Means | New Media Manager, MedTech Media

Jessica Lillian | Editor, Solar Industry

Krystle Kopacz | Digital Product Manager, Government Executive Media, Atlantic Media Group

Nicholas Walter | Interactive Marketing Manager, UBM Electronics

Alan Kropf | Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, Mutineer Magazine

Megan Flynn | Publisher/Editor-in-chief, Beer West

Sean Blanda | Co-Founder: TechnicallyPhilly.com

Lucia Tran | Editor-in-Chief, Zooey Magazine

Kristina Ackermann | Managing Editor, Editor & Publisher

Tony Napoleone | Senior Audience Marketing Manager, Bobit Business Media

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