SRDS is expanding its online repository of advertising rate and contact information for media companies to include data on tablet applications. Launching November 1, the Tablet Media Library will allow media industry planners and buyers to access ad rates and other info for more than 160 tablet media properties—from consumer and b-to-b magazine companies, as well as newspaper publishers—that carry advertising.

“Advertisers are excited about the opportunities that have emerged with the iPad/tablet explosion—and they want in,” SRDS senior vice president Stephen Davis tells FOLIO:. “They are asking their agencies to make buy recommendations on tablet media, but our media planning clients are discovering that it’s a messy playing field right now. Before they can find out what opportunities they should consider, they first need to know which publishers are even playing in the game.”

Unsponsored listings in the Tablet Media Library will point media planners to the publisher’s app in either Apple’s iTunes store or the Zinio newsstand, SRDS says. Listings sponsored by their publishers will include a “positioning statement” that can describe the app’s ad offerings, such as scrolling ads, video, virtual tours and data capture opportunities. SRDS also will include a link back to the tablet section of the publisher’s online media kit, if they have one.

Publishers can sponsor their tablet listings for a $300 monthly fee. The library is accessible by SRDS’ community of roughly 15,000 subscribers.

Given the surge of publishers rushing to distribute their content on tablet devices, Davis says he wouldn’t be surprised if the Tablet Media Library adds another 300 to 400 consumer magazine and newspaper app brands over the next few months.

“The launches will likely remain relatively slow in b-to-b media as most publishers tell us they’re still evaluating whether tablets make sense in their verticals,” Davis says. “As we continue with our 2011 rate collection efforts, we will reach out to all consumer magazines, newspapers and business media listed in the SRDS database for info on their tablet apps.”

SRDS currently collects ad info on print and online media opportunities but does not have a dedicated catalog for mobile apps, as it will for tablets with the Tablet Media Library.