The owners of a book publishing business are aiming to combine two publishing markets under one new magazine. Tapping into the increasingly popular food magazine market, Northeast Flavor will cover culinary and wine-related topics aimed specifically for readers in the Northeastern region of the U.S.

The self-funded project is the brainchild of Spencer Smith and Jean Kerr, owners of culinary book publishing outfit Smith-Kerr Associates. Smith will serve as Northeast Flavor’s publisher while Kerr, a cookbook author who previously has served as editor of Taste of the Seacoast magazine, will head up editorial as editor-in-chief.

Initially launching in November as a quarterly publication, Northeast Flavor’s distribution model includes subscription, newsstand and “carefully selected” bonus distribution. Beyond the print magazine, the brand will be made up of a Web site and selection of mobile apps, as well as presences on Twitter and Facebook.

Smith says the plan is to take the magazine bimonthly within the next year. “Advertising in the food and wine sector has held up very well through the recession and reaction from our distribution and advertising base has been very positive,” he tells FOLIO:. “So we are encouraged by that. And if you can successfully publish in a recession, you’re well-positioned for the rebound.”

Not only weighing in against the growing food magazine market, Northeast Flavor also will have regional mainstays like Yankee magazine and Maine’s Down East among its competitors. “The city magazines are all competition but none are regional food and wine magazines,” says Smith. “We have local and national content and advertising.”

Although he declined to say how much money he and Kerr put into Northeast Flavor to get it launched, Smith says they expect to have absorbed the start-up costs by the second issue.

Thinking Outside the Box in Editorial Management
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