These days, it seems like a new magazine-related mobile app is launched every day. Now, publishers that are looking to enter or re-enter Apple’s iPad application market now have another tool for creating them. Mediaspectrum formally debuted Adrenalin a tool for creating customized apps for the iPad Tuesday at the DEMO technology event in Silicon Valley.

Mediaspectrum, which has previously offered advertising and content management services through its Cloud Computing Platform, says Adrenalin allows publishers to create branded apps that include customized a icon, splash screen and logo. Publishers can select fonts, colors and content categories. The app creator, with what it calls the Replica+ News Reader, also enables publishers to recreate the “exact look and feel” of their print publications. Those replications can be enhanced with additional photos, video and video advertisements.

Publishers’ content is managed by the Adrenalin CMS, Mediaspectrum says. Content is fed into the CMS directly from XML/RSS feeds. Like other apps, once a consumer downloads the publisher’s app from the Apple iTunes store, Adrenalin automatically updates the content based on a frequency determined by the publisher.

In addition, Adrenalin features an integrated ad sales system that allows advertisers, agencies and internal sales teams to directly schedule, target and manage the delivery of ad content. “Adrenalin leverages the same back end, mission critical content and advertising solutions that power some of the world’s largest media companies,” says Mediaspectrum marketing and product strategy vice president Jay Cody. “It has massive functionality, is massively scalable and is capable of running their entire business.”

The Adrenalin system also offers a subscription management option. Instead of charging users a one-time fee to download their app, publishers using Adrenalin can offer subs from within the app.

Mediaspectrum says it is currently working with publishers but because those deals are still in early stages it would not disclose which ones. According to Cody, Adrenalin targets publishers of all sizes. Pricing will vary depending on the components a publisher selects.

Here’s a video demo: