Think avid sock knitters aren’t using the Internet? Think again.

Enthusiast crafts publisher Interweave is launching Sockupied, its second digital edition designed specifically to be viewed on a computer. The first, Quilting Arts in Stitches, launched earlier this summer. Interweave says sock knitting, believe it or not, is one of the company’s fastest-growing interest areas among its core knitting audience.

According to book author and Sockupied editor Anne Merrow, there “are more knitters than golfers in America, so it really shouldn’t surprise people that we’re launching a magazine dedicated to sock knitting.” Inerweave Fiber Division vice president and publisher John Bolton says Sockupied is “an entirely unique digital product to help knitters learn new skills and develop their abilities alongside some of the best designers and instructors at interweave and in the knitting community.”

Interweave says Sockupied is a 365-megabyte application (runs on Adobe’s AIR platform) that users can purchase and download directly to their Mac or PC computer. The app contains an animated cartoon, 15 instructional videos that are embedded throughout several articles. It also features three downloadable sock patterns knitted sock photo galleries and a tutorial on customizing sock patterns.

The Sockupied app can be downloaded from Interweave’s e-commerce site and costs $14.97.

Although Interweave declined to offer specific performance figures for Quilting Arts for Stitches, Bolton says the company has been “pleased with the success” and that it is “making plans” for two more e-mag launches before the end of the year. Those will be called SpinKnit and Handcrafted Jewelry Studio.

Digital Edition Takes Over for Print

At the same time that Interweave announced Quilting Arts in Stitches, Bonnier Corp. launched Skiing Interactive, a digital edition of its Skiing magazine. Now, according to a message sent to subscribers, Bonnier will cease offering the print edition of Skiing on a subscription basis starting this fall. Instead, subscribers have the option of having their subscriptions fulfilled with either sister title Ski or with Skiing Interactive.

Bonnier will continue to publish two special print editions of Skiing per year.

Bonnier has 10 editions of Skiing Interactive lined up, the first debuting in late fall. The company says it is still weighing different pricing models and subscription plans.

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