, the destination site that helps b-to-b buyers research their purchase decisions, determined in 2009 that standard analytics packages were not helping marketers figure out how buyers were making their way to the all-important “last click” before converting into a transaction. To help, the company developed what it calls a “Conversion Tracker,” a service that lets participating marketers track the activities of prospects on that lead to a purchase decision.

Conversion Tracker is a “snippet of code” that a participating vendor embeds on its site and which allows it to track specific events that lead to a conversion. The tracker essentially illuminates the path a buyer takes to get to the “last click”—the final click that takes the buyer to the vendor’s Web site to complete a transaction. “The last click is the only purely objective measure to attribute marketing spend to getting a conversion on your site,” says Rob Feinstein, vice president and general manager of “The problem is it doesn’t take into account all these other things that lead to that. We’re trying to offer that information, so the marketer can understand the process leading up to that click.”

Feinstein says the site has several thousand advertisers vying for about eight million monthly uniques.

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