Is shuttered Gourmet clawing its way back out of the grave?

After being shut down by Condé Nast last fall, the publisher announced in June that it was to launch Gourmet Live, a new digital product developed in HTML5 that will be available across multiple devices and platforms.

Now, Condé Nast is bringing the brand back to print—in the form of three newsstand-only editions. The first is called Gourmet Quick Kitchen, an illustrated cookbook that’s due to hit stands on September 7. At more than 120 pages, Gourmet Quick Kitchen will feature classic recipes from the magazine as well as new content like photographs, kitchen tips and eight full menus with wine pairings.

A spokesperson declined to say what Gourmet Quick Kitchen’s exact distribution will be but says the model is “based on efficiency and a smaller print run.” The issue will carry a $10.99 cover price.

Condé Nast folded Gourmet, along with Cookie, Elegant Bride and Modern Bride in October 2009. The publisher has not yet named the two additional Gourmet print extensions, which it says have only working titles “which are bound to change.” Both are expected sometime in 2011.

These new extensions probably don’t mark Gourmet’s second act as a legit print title but are a way for Condé Nast to leverage the value of a well-regarded brand.

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