E-media is the fastest growing part of the business for consumer publishers in 2010, according to the FOLIO: 2010 Consumer CEO Survey. While that isn’t much of a surprise (e-media has been the fastest growing revenue stream in the survey since 2005, the second year FOLIO: started offering the survey) the second fastest growing revenue stream may raise some eyebrows: events.

Live events have long been part of the consumer-publishing stable, but have typically been positioned as value-adds designed to boost or lock-in the print buy. While events are the second smallest revenue stream, in front of only data and market information sales (which actually lost ground as a revenue generator in 2010), consumer publishers are finding success in converting their events to a sponsored model.

Print advertising has fallen to an average of 40 percent of overall revenue for consumer publishers, but it remains the third fastest growing revenue stream. While publishers such as The Atlantic and Financial Times earn headlines for their aggressive digital push, both publications are seeing surprisingly large print gains as well.

2010 Revenue Ratios for Consumer Publishers
Print Advertising: 39.8%
Paid Subscriptions: 21.5%
E-media: 11.6%
Newsstand sales: 9.2%
Events: 6.6%
Data/Market Information sales: 0.6%

[Source: 2010 FOLIO: Consumer CEO Survey]

However, 55 percent of respondents say print growth is coming from new advertisers in 2010, compared to 36 percent of respondents who say growth is being driven by existing print advertisers.

For a full look at the 2010 Folio: Consumer Survey, including specific revenue breakdowns, technology investment and executive salaries, look for Folio:’s October issue, available October 1.

Consumer Publishers Top Lines for 2010

Increased: 29%
Decreased: 36%
Stated the same: 29%

Newsstand Sales
Increased: 21%
Decreased: 6%
Stay the same: 31%

Distribution Costs
Increased: 30%
Decreased: 12%
Stayed the same: 51%

Market Share
Increased: 38%
Decreased: 9%
Stayed the same: 46%

Number of Direct Competitors
Increased: 14%
Decreased: 31%
Stayed the same: 49%

Paper Quality
Increased: 5%
Stayed the same: 78%
Decreased: 8%

Staff Salaries
Increased: 14%
Decreased: 24%
Stayed the same: 57%

Staff Size
Increased: 12%
Decreased: 43%
Stayed the same: 40%

Travel/Entertainment Budget
Increased: 9%
Decreased: 47%
Stayed about the same: 39%

CEO Compensation
Increased: 6%
Decreased: 30%
Strayed the same: 58%

[Source: 2010 FOLIO: Consumer CEO Survey]

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