Zinio Launches Digital Edition for United States Tennis Association

Zinio has teamed up with the United States Tennis Association for a 106-page digital edition of USTA Magazine, going out to USTA’s 742,000 members.

The new launch is part of the second phase of its “Unity” platform, touting design optimization for digital editions. Some of the dynamic features include animation, scrolling text, a cover that rotates eight images of iconic tennis movements and a “popping” sound of a racquet hitting a ball when the reader changes pages.

Earlier this month, Zinio launched a new iPhone app as the first stage in its Unity Platform.

Winding Road Wins 2009 Zmag Award

Customers of digital edition vendor Zmags named Winding Road their favorite looking digital edition among the Zmag stable. Customers were able to submit their votes via Facebook.

Winding Road’s digital edition was created by Web agency Next Screen, which used Zmags API to create a magazine shell that provides IAB-compliant ad serving. Next Screen says the Winding Road digital edition has delivered click-through rates of 3 percent to 6 percent on digital advertising.

For a look at Winding Road’s digital edition, click here.

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