Report: Tablet Market to Skyrocket

Think the iPad sold well in its first few hours on the market? According to a new forecast from the International Data Corporation, worldwide tablet shipments are projected to grow from roughly 7.6 million this year to more than 46 million units in 2014.

IDC says consumer demand for media tablets to be “strongly driven by the number and variety of compatible third-party apps for content and services. The availability of apps unique to media tablets and that differentiate the experience of using one compared with a PC or smartphone will be crucial for driving consumer demand.”

Meanwhile, IDC projects that 398 million portable PCs will be shipped in 2014. IDC defines media tablets as devices that have 7-1/2 inch color displays, based on ARM processors and run operating systems like Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android OS, do not include built-in hardware keyboards and provide a “broad range” of apps and connectivity.

Branded Apps, Print/Digital Bundles

Digital magazine vendor Zinio has launched branded apps for publishers and print/digital subscription bundling.

Zinio says it will work with publisher clients to create dedicated, e-commerce-enabled publisher-branded digital apps, including those for its UNITY platform for Apple’s iPad. The company says clients will be able to deploy a similar “buy-once-read-anywhere” strategy with their own publisher-branded apps as a new distribution channel.

In regard to sub bundling, Zinio says the offering print with single issues or subs, publishers can retain current subscribers while targeting potential digital subscribers and increase digital adoption.

Wired’s iPad Edition Goes Live

The Conde Nast tech title debuted its iPad edition on Wednesday. The magazine worked with Adobe for roughly a year to develop an app that would be compatible with Apple’s developer rules (Apple doesn’t permit use of Adobe’s Flash video service).

“The tablet is our opportunity to make the Wired we always dreamed of. It has all the visual impact of paper, enhanced by interactive elements like video and animated infographics,” Wired editor Chris Anderson writes on the magazine’s Web site. “The arrival of the tablet represents a grand experiment in the future of media. Over the next few months, we’ll integrate social media and offer a variety of versions and ways to subscribe in digital form. We’ll learn through experimentation, and we will watch closely as our readers teach us how they want to use tablets.”

The magazine says it sold 24,000 copies of the app in the first 24 hours it was available in Apple’s iTunes store.

‘Record Participation’

Less than two weeks after launching publicly, digital newsstand CoverStand says it posted its 1,000th publication last week. The business is on track to surpass 4,000 publications by the end of the year.

Already compatible with the mobile browser on the iPad and iPhone, CoverStand contains digital editions of magazines, books, catalogues and retail inserts.

Growing & Leveraging Your Audience Database
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