Publishers are clamoring for audience data that they can fine-tune for their own marketing efforts, and use to woo advertisers. However, data remains an essential part of editorial projects as well, and publishers often struggle with a lack of time and resources when it comes to collecting market research.

Easy Analytic Software, Inc. (EASI) is no stranger to the publishing industry, having started in 1995 by CEO Bob Katz, a veteran of trade publisher Bill Communications (which was part of VNU). The goal for EASI was to provide on-demand and custom demographic data for a variety of industries.

Today, publishers such as Furniture Today-a weekly business newspaper reaching 20,000 furniture retailers and suppliers-use EASI data to develop both editorial features and for-sale research reports. "The data help us develop total sales and individual product sales estimates for U.S. furniture market," says Dana French, director of research at Furniture Today. "We provide topline data to subscribers every December in our planning guide issue and we also provide in-depth reports by product category for sale through our research store. Retailers can use it to determine which market areas are suitable for opening new stores, manufacturers use data to set sales territories."

EASI’s The Right Site software offers desktop or Web access to demographic data from the EASI master Database which features more than 2,000 variables by Block Group, Census Tract, zip code, city, county, CBSA, and state or total U.S. population.

Data is available at three levels: an executive database that includes up to 50 differences variables; a professional database, with more than 500 variables; and an advanced database with access to more than 1,500 variables. Subscriptions are available to individual users at $250, $625 or $2,500. Publishers who wish to offer their clients direct access to the data can get packages ranging from $7,500 to $50,000. EASI also takes data from publishers and offers it to clients in other industries (and in that case will work with publishers on a different pricing model).

"At the highest level, we can identify potential sales from consumer expenditure surveys," says Katz. "Ad agencies like this because you can determine the likelihood of buying for a specific age group or income bracket."


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