Cygnus Business Media has added two new positions to its roster, expanding its digital and creative departments.

Former Associated Press strategic consultant Tom Kohn has been appointed to the newly-created position of executive vice president of digital. Before working with the AP, Kohn launched the e-commerce division of, started online auction site Bid4Assets and co-founded billing service Transactis.

At Cygnus, Kohn will be responsible for overseeing the company’s digital strategy. According to Kohn, one of his objectives will be to “find products and functionality to engage our users so that they use our platforms multiple times a day, whether we pull them back to our platforms or push information to their platform of choice.”

“Cygnus is investing in all areas of the company, including digital,” CEO John French says. “We are fortunate to have talented people already working in that area who are creating some very innovative opportunities for our company.”

Cygnus also has enlisted the services of J.C. Suares as a creative consultant. Suares has worked with titles ranging from Fast Company to Variety to ESPN.

“J.C.’s experience crosses both consumer and b-to-b, but his consumer work probably has given him more exposure and accolades,” says French. “We are not on newsstand [like consumer titles] but being on the desk of our subscribers is the same as a newsstand. J.C. will help ensure that our magazines are the first to be picked up and the first to be read.”

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