Published in conjunction with Bio-IT, Bio-IT World Weekly is a newsletter produced by the Cambridge Healthtech Institute that reaches 35,000 readers. When it wanted to extend both the amount of content and the time readers were engaging with that content, tapped HiveFire’s Curata, a content curation solution that allows for automated newsletter creation.

Each week the newsletter features five to seven original articles (usually culled from the Bio-IT Web site or magazine), while the rest is curated content. In the three months since implementing Curata, Bio-IT World Weekly has become the third top-referring site to Bio-IT after direct traffic and Google. "When people click through to read an article, they’re staying on site longer," says Lisa Scimemi, marketing communications director for Cambridge Healthtech Institute. "Having them stay longer was our main goal."

Scimemi says that adding an automated curation service gives the edit staff some breathing room, although someone is assigned to approve the stories pulled by Curata.

Cambridge Healthcare Institute is also using Curata to develop custom newsletters. "They’ll work with edit staff to come up with select number of articles around a designated focus," adds Scimemi.


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