Condé Nast announced today that it is re-launching the Gourmet brand as "Gourmet Live," a new digital product developed in HTML5 that will be available across multiple devices and platforms. While Gourmet Live is scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter of 2010, a video preview plays up the product’s fit with the iPad.

Gourmet Live will feature articles, menus, photos, video, game play and a social network. "While we believe many of the 5.5 million passionate Gourmet readers will enjoy this product, we also think a new generation of user who recognize the brand and appreciate food, social media and excellent content will be brought to the table as well," said Robert Sauerberg, group president of Condé Nast Consumer Marketing, in a statement. "Analytics will allow us to iterate quickly, make changes and modify business models based on consumer usage."

Condé Nast folded Gourmet in October 2009, along with Cookie, Elegant Bride and Modern Bride.