When it comes to renting lists the process can still be a long and complicated one between searching for the right lists, choosing selections, completing the transaction and executing the campaign. But both publishers and vendors are coming up with more automated processes that allow interested parties to search and buy lists as well as execute campaigns in minutes as opposed to weeks.

In May, Seattle-based online marketing company Marketfish, Inc. launched the open beta version of a tool that allows marketers to search for U.S.-based b-to-c and b-to-b lists, apply selects, rent those lists and add them to their campaign in real-time. The company works directly with the list owners to populate the system with permission-based lists. The entire process is done without a traditional list broker or manager.

If a marketer rents multiple lists at a time, Marketfish will de-dupe those lists for free. Users can also confidentially load their own lists into the system and have them de-duped against the lists they rent. When marketers register on Marketfish to rent lists, they are prompted to share campaign test data with the company, which then shares it with list owners. Owners can also control how often their names can be rented to clients.

B-to-b publisher PennWell Corporation began working with Marketfish late last year and is using it as a way to expose six of its databases, which represent approximately one million names, to consumer advertisers. “They have a really nice platform, and we see it as another avenue we can take to generate additional revenue,” says list manager Kelli Berry. “It’s a bit early to speculate, but we’re hopeful and we’re anticipating some nice results.”

Quicker Access to IT Professionals

In April, b-to-b publisher 1105 Media announced the launch of Upside, an online lead generation service that gives product and service providers access to over one million IT professionals through a network of Web sites.

Marketers that visit Upside.com are prompted to complete a form stating how they want their lead program to run. They have the option of designing and ordering custom lead programs via a Web-based campaign builder, or if they wish, they can provide their own content.

Vendors can choose how many leads they want to receive, which will determine the cost of the program, as well as what IT functions and organizational levels they want to target. Once an IT professional who meets the vendor’s requirements registers for access to the content, Upside will pass them onto the vendor as a lead.

According to Abraham Langer, 1105 Media’s SVP audience development & digital media, what sets Upside apart from other lead generation programs is the ease of ordering. “Vendors can come to our site and tell us who they want in an automated fashion,” he says. “In addition, the broader network gives folks access to low-cost, but high-quality leads.”

Langer adds that the company is looking to leverage Upside in a way that will reach as many IT professionals as possible. “We want this to go beyond 1105 Media,” he says. “So we’re currently in discussions with independent publishers about joining the network.”


Marketfish: 5 Tips for Keeping Lists Fresh

1. Good marketers always have multiple tactics in play.
Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Don’t just do Google Adwords or banners—you want to have a couple of things going on and have the ability to measure and compare them.

2. Test, test, test.
Put aside 10 percent of your marketing budget to test new tactics. You never know when that new tactic could be a winner.

3. All lists dry out at some point.
You may think that couldn’t happen, but it can, so be prepared. You have to refresh your sources and not get into the habit of using a list so much that it gets burnt out.

4. Have a very aggressive and compliant opt-out strategy.
Make sure that when someone complains, you can get them off of your list as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

5. Keep an audit trail.
When a consumer agrees to receive messages from your company, make sure you record when and how they accepted that offer. This will come in handy when the consumer contacts you and says, “I don’t think I agreed to receive these e-mails.” n

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