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Wired Gets Free Product Placement on Lost

Magazine cameo embedded in ABC hit.

Dan Trombetto By Dan Trombetto
05/04/2009 -14:32 PM

As magazine industry followers—and Lost nerds—probably know, J.J. Abrams, the creator and executive producer of the ABC hit drama, served as the guest editor of Wired’s May “Mystery” issue, and promptly filled the magazine with clues that added up to a meta-puzzle subscribers were free to solve.

On the April 29 episode of Lost, it appears Abrams gave Wired a cryptic nod.

The August 2003 issue of Wired makes a one-second sec cameo. The magazine sits on a chair, and the camera locks onto it briefly before moving away. No mention of the magazine is made by the characters, but the issue’s main coverline is "The Impossible Gets Real!"; supporting coverlines are "The Super Power Issue: X-Ray Vision! Invisibility! Time Travel!"

For the uninitiated, the main storyline in Lost pertains to time travel.

Click here to watch the episode (season five, number 15) on Hulu. No spoilers here.


Dan Trombetto By Dan Trombetto --

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