Sacramento, California-based Web site and electronic publication services firm Minnick Web Services has combined its e-publishing infrastructure with Issuu’s open source Flash-based viewer to add digital editions to its portfolio of services.

“MWS focuses exclusively on professional applications, with an e-publishing infrastructure that’s been developed over 10 years to support its e-book business,” MWS product manager David Kalman told FOLIO:. “When we discovered Issuu, we realized that between the two companies we had the makings of a superior platform for digital editions.”

MWS’ e-publishing infrastructure includes functions like audience management, real-time monitoring, link-tracking, statistics and reporting. According to Kalman, Issuu offers a “flexible” publication viewer and hosting environment. “It’s Web site is like a YouTube for sharing publications, rather than videos. Issuu provides a Javascript application programming interface and other ways to customize the viewer’s look and behavior.”

MWS has partnered with Penton Media to produce the digital edition of Logistics Today, a new online-only publication. Penton did not return a request seeking comment for this story.

MWS, Kalman said, is an official Issuu reseller and pays a small hosting fee per client account. “The result is  a highly capable but low-cost digital edition solution that readers and advertisers enjoy, backed by a full-service Web company devoted to helping publishers be their best online,” he said.