The three-day FOLIO: Summit wrapped up in Chicago yesterday. Here are some leftover quotes in our notebooks from keynotes, sessions and chatter in the exhibit hall.

“This is, without a doubt, the worst.”
—Tony Silber, GM, FOLIO:, on how this recession compares to others

"We try to lead with technology, not bleed with technology."
—Scott McCafferty, co-founder, WTWH Media

“People actually read Discover; people who get Sci Am put it on their coffee tables to impress their neighbors.”
—Henry Donahue, president, Discover Media

"If you think you’re in control of the content your users or readers are accessing, you’re fighting a losing battle."
—Scott McCafferty, co-founder, WTWH Media

"We don’t have any money. We don’t even have a line item in our budget for digital. We use interns."
—Joan Henderson, publisher, Oklahoma Today

"This perhaps seems like old hat, but can we do these things better? Probably, yes."
—Molly Meloy, VP of marketing and business development, CFO Group, on getting back to sales fundamentals

“CNBC has been the PR Newswire of the New York Stock Exchange for years.”
—Jim Malkin, CEO, Source Media

“The Governor’s Suite takes on a whole new meaning in Chicago.”
—Dylan Stableford, senior editor, digital, FOLIO:

“Our businesses in media have a social, moral and ethical obligation to host that conversation.”
—Malkin on the backlash over AIG bonuses

"When they find you through organic search—that’s the Holy Grail."
—Bob Carrigan, CEO, IDG

“We shouldn’t be talking about church-state anymore. We should be talking about quality content that fills a niche.”

“There are turf wars—still.”
—Howard Roth, eVP, Bonnier, on the sales commission structure governing integrated ad packages

“We’re not interested in kids playing Chinese strats learning their first tabs.”
—Peter Sprague, Premier Guitar, on maintaining quality circ

“Advertisers say to us, ‘We need you to do something that’s never been done before, create advertising that’s never been invented, something that’ll get us in the paper.’”
—Jay Lauf, publisher, The Atlantic